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Reinvent supply management with base86 AI

Efficient processes are everything when it comes to managing a practice. With base86, you can have it all organized in one place and run by AI. Empower your staff with automation to eliminate manual and menial busy work and arm yourself with AI-driven insights for cutting costs.


Stop wasting time and money by switching to base86 procurement platform

Optimize your savings and quality

Choose between the optimal suppliers we find you based on your preferences or let the system take over and optimize automatically.

Accelerate quotes and

Simplify negotiations and skip the frustration — we’ll automate your requests for a price quote and organize your orders.

Eliminate manual and menial work

Why frustrate your team with manual work that does not accomplish improved patient outcomes? Free your team to focus on your customers by automating all of their busywork.

Explore our healthcare procurement solution

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86 supplies

Upload your product catalog in a few clicks, get the best prices, and manage all your orders in one place, saving time and money.

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86 insights

Discover optimization opportunities for your practice and get automated spend and savings analyses immediately.

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86 concierge

Let us find the best deals for dental supplies, automate order placement, help discover new products, and provide simple reporting on your entire supply spend.
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See how practices benefit from AI-enabled procurement

I know from my experience how easy it is to get lost in a scope of daily tasks and miss out on important details. There’s not always time to manually compare prices and place orders, which results in lost optimization opportunities. But having all of it run on autopilot can unlock hidden strategic potential and bring the business to the next level.

base86's AI-driven platform is our trusted asset. It optimizes spending and supplier choices, delivering significant savings and improved efficiency. It's like having a reliable ally by our side, making our work more effective.

See how your business will benefit from base86

Let’s have a chat about how base86 can help you save costs, shorten sales cycles, and automate workflows for your business. Leave your contact information below and we will be in touch soon.

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