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Our procurement platform, 86 Supplies, addresses industry problems by leveraging technology to drastically cut down on operational waste.  It makes sourcing, price comparison, ordering, and the entire procurement process seamless.  Reduce wasted staff time and focus on patient outcomes!

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Upload your Existing Product List in a Snap

We make it easy to upload your existing product list or pick products from our master catalog.  We parse the catalog and bring in your order history and quantities automatically.  We support your existing suppliers, too!

Create Quote Requests for Multiple Suppliers at Once

Pick some or all of the products you want to shop and compare, then pick any of the suppliers on the platform, and generate and send multiple RFQs at once.  When suppliers compete, you win!

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Easily Compare Prices between Multiple Suppliers

Comparison shopping is made easy with our intuitive interface.  Compare prices for your products from multiple suppliers, including their catalogs, custom quotes, or previous orders.

Generate Purchase Orders for Multiple Suppliers

Placing an order is quick and easy by generating a Purchase Order at a preferred supplier.  You can also shop via a shopping cart and at multiple suppliers at once!

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Comprehensive Reporting

Understand your potential and cumulative savings, and the overall financial health of your practice with our reporting functionality.

Smart Alerts

We keep track of your price history. Gain actionable insights on existing suppliers, and understand what others are paying for the same product. Never be in the dark when your suppliers raise prices!

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