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We are a seasoned team of technology, supply chain, and oral/health market specialists, with vast experience in multiple B2B and SaaS startups behind us.


We build tools

All sides of the market

For independent dentists - to easily shop for dental supplies and connect with new supply partners.  For dental suppliers - to find leads and easily manage orders.

We are tech experts

Focus on efficiency

We are not a reseller or a marketplace (yet).  We provide efficient technology to everyone in the dental industry.

We harbor relationships

We stay out of your way

You will own your relationships with other organizations.  We just make it as easy and organized as possible for you.

Management team


Edward Isarevich

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • 10+ years Product & UX 

  • Serial successful product launches 

  • Fortune 100 & Internet Startups


Jess McCarter

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  • 10+ years sales & strategy

  • 10 years SMB ownership and  management 

  • Multiple technology startups 

Advisory board


Dr. Lorne Lavine

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  • Growth

  • The “Digital Dentist”


Ron Joyal

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • Growth & Operations

  • Formerly COO at 1-800-Dentist


Naomi Cooper Hochman

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • Marketing

  • Formerly at 1-800-Dentist


Dr. Vish Banthia

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • Growth & Technology

  • Staff surgeon at Cedars Sinai Medical Center & CEO ZendyHealth


Steve Desautel

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  • Growth

  • Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Dental Health Products


Chlorissa Sims

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon
  • Supplier Relations

  • 10+ years of dental supply and hospitality experience


Arthur Stark

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  • Investor Relations & Executive Coach

  • Formerly President at Bed, Bath, and Beyond


Nicholas Pirollo

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  • Technology

  • Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30

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Marcus Wandell

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  • Investor Relations

  • Multiple successful raises in $MM

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