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Help your clients automate their healthcare supply management

If your organization manages any aspect of supply chain or procurement for independent healthcare practices, then you know it's a full contact sport, full of menial and manual processes. Start using base86 to get the latest market trends, scout the best deals, and automatically generate savings reports. Stop spinning your wheels comparing one formulary to another and use our AI driven insights to find the best way forward for every practice you work with.


Fuel your business with the power of AI

Shorten your sales cycles

Win deal negotiations effortlessly by providing tailored pricing options and real-time SKU-level annual savings prognosis to your leads.  Efficiency and trust lead to shorter sales cycles and higher close rates.

Increase revenue and retention rates

Through the power of automated spend reconciliation, base86 empowers you with the data you need to increase customer spend, and by extension, your revenue.

Cut operational costs

Focus on higher level tasks and cut staff time on menial and manual tasks, such as spend, savings, and reconciliation reports, resulting in operational efficiencies.

Complete toolbox for streamlining healthcare supply procurement

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86 supplies

Integrate your site for seamless catalog management, get quote requests on autopilot, and run communications with clients on one single platform.

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86 insights

Leverage data aggregation to provide the most suitable product options and convert your leads with comprehensive spend, savings, and reconciliation reporting.

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86 catagraph

Leverage catalog and transactional data to monitor market trends, forecast product demand, as well as automate and reconcile data integrity.

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See how group partner organizations run healthcare supply with base86

I have absolute trust in my team and I’ve always known that they are real professionals. However, some tasks just take too much time no matter how good you are. base86 has literally untied their hands and let them do the job not only faster, but on a complete new level. We’re not facing the bottlenecks that were a usual thing for us, and the business benefits from that.

Before base86 came into our lives, we were caught in a never-ending loop of manual processes and paperwork. It was draining our energy and resources. But since embracing their AI-driven platform, it's like we've entered a new era of possibilities. Automating quote management has been a true blessing, speeding up our sales cycles and bringing us closer to our customers.

See how your business will benefit from base86

Let’s have a chat about how base86 can help you save costs, shorten sales cycles, and automate workflows for your business. Leave your contact information below and we will be in touch soon.

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