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AI-managed healthcare supply chain

Independent healthcare organizations spend an inordinate amount of resources and staff time on repetitive tasks, such as comparing supplies costs, managing inventory, and qualifying leads.  Enter base86 and supply chain workflow automation.  Leave convoluted processes and manual work in the past: automate spend and savings reports, shorten procurement and sales cycles, and make informed decisions fueled by AI-driven insights.

For Practices

Reduce manual procurement processes and automatically get the optimal product options in the market. Be in control of your spend and savings at every moment.

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For Partners

Shorten sales and onboarding cycles and build better relationships with customers by automatically offering competitive pricing and tangible savings.

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For Suppliers

Seamlessly get a stable flow of

leads and grow your conversion

and retention rates

without drowning in operational overload.

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Leverage AI to realize material outcomes

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86 supplies

Manage product lists, create quote requests, and generate purchase orders.

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86 insights

Automate catalog management and get comprehensive spend and savings reports.

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86 concierge

Outsource supplies ordering, get rid of repetitive work and get the best deals.

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86 storefronts

Get a turnkey custom crafted e-commerce store built from the ground up.

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86 catagraph

Integrate transactional and catalog data into third party products via API.

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Unlock operational savings and more business with base86


Average price per healthcare practice lead. With base86, all leads are organic.


Potential annual savings an average practice will realize from leveraging AI-driven supply chain software.

5.4 h

Average staff time wasted by Suppliers or Partners on manual quotes or spend and savings analyses, per practice.

These organizations already leverage the base86 platform

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