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Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions.  We've got answers.

  • How can we be sure the new suppliers we sign up with won’t just raise prices after we switch to them?
    As with anything of this nature, there is no sure way to know where the relationship with a particular supplier will go. However, base86 thoroughly vets suppliers on its platform, and provides dental practices with tools to prevent bait and switch behavior. For example, alerting functionality for price changes will provide actionable data for dental offices, so they can focus on positive patient outcomes instead of manual supplies ordering processes.
  • Why should we use base86 over other platforms such as Net32?
    Net32 is an ecommerce website, while base86 is a procurement platform. The difference? In one word, data. base86 leverages data in order to provide contextual and actionable insights for dental practices. This allows elimination and automation of manual and menial processes, such as: Price control Supplier research RFQ and price comparisons Unit of Measure normalizations Price negotiations Product ordering Product receiving Inventory management Reporting and accounting
  • Can we buy items directly on the website?
    Currently, base86 facilitates the connection between customers and suppliers, and provides a way to generate RFQs and POs. Seamless shopping cart functionality is coming soon!
  • What services do you provide?
    Our services include but are not limited to: Sourcing and procurement of dental supplies A white glove "Supplies Concierge" Supplies cost tracking and management Access to a range of suppliers Procurement and practice financial health reporting Ability to request quotes from multiple suppliers at once Ability to easily compare offers from multiple suppliers Ability to generate purchase orders from individual suppliers Ability to seamlessly shop across multiple suppliers via a universal shopping cart (coming soon!)
  • We already have staff that do the work of searching for suppliers, so how does base86 help us?
    Staff deeply dislike work involving manual and menial data entry and could certainly do better with a tool like base86 in lieu of complicated Excel sheets. For larger organizations, using base86 will give the opportunity to cut down on staff. For smaller organizations, base86 will make the decision process more transparent, easily accessible, and actionable for Doctors and decision-makers for better oversight and understanding of the impacts to the financial well-being of the practice. base86 can also augment your staff via our white glove "Supplies Concierge" service.
  • Why should I sign up? I feel I already get good prices.
    Suppliers typically raise MSRPs and only lower prices on packaged deals. Your bottom line savings will still be significant when there are other suppliers in competition. Having a range of suppliers helps not only reduce costs, but also reduce risk in case of shortages.
  • What is the cost of the service?
    After a no cost evaluation, pricing starts at $99/month depending on the service level selected, and base86 guarantees that it will provide at least the equivalent of the cost in annual savings. An average organization saves 5-10% of annual revenue in operational costs, which translates up to $50,000 per year!
  • What is the cost of using this service?
    The pricing is dependent on the number of practices you manage and the number of invoices that those organizations need to process monthly. Please reach out to our team to discuss pricing packages in more detail.
  • Why should I sign up?
    You will gain immediate access to a unified platform that allows you to streamline your customer’s procurement and supply chain processes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. You will be able to manage both your suppliers and customers on a single platform, giving you greater visibility and control over your operations. Additionally, you will have access to our dedicated support team and a range of tools, such as 86 insights, our spend and savings analytics to aid you in the sales and onboarding cycles of the practices you work with.
  • What is the risk of signing up?
    There is no risk at all! We will provide you with a free 1-month trial to help you test your use cases and determine the value of the platform to your organization!
  • How long will this take to set up?
    Once a contract is signed, our team will set up your account, which usually takes less than a day. The rest of the onboarding process depends on how many suppliers and practices you are managing. For most partners, the entire process takes less than an hour.
  • What is a Supplier Catalog Template?
    It’s a standard format we use to ingest your suppliers’ data into the base86 platform. Here's a short video that gives an overview of the supplier catalog functionality.
  • How long will this take to set up?
    Average setup time is 10 minutes: Sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) to give base86 permission to use your organization on our platform (<5 mins) Connect us with a point of contact responsible for receiving POs or RFQs (<3 mins) Double-check your information once we give you the login details, and you're ready to answer the POs and RFQs that will come to you by email (<3 mins).
  • What is the risk of signing up?
    There is no risk at all. Onboarding only takes a few minutes and there is no upfront cost, so if you get only one lead from us, it will have already been worth it!
  • How do I upload my catalog file?
    Go to the Products section and click on the “Add” button. Make sure the catalog follows our supplier catalog template.
  • Do you track my inventory levels?
    Yes, we support the functionality for you to update your stock levels, however it's entirely optional.
  • What is the cost of using this service?
    86 Supplies is free for suppliers for a limited time. After that, we will take a small percentage of transactions we process on your behalf. Other products and services are priced based on usage.
  • Why should I sign up?
    Get access to a host of dentistry and healthcare practices and increase the number of orders you get. Make all your products easily available to the customer. Automate your RFQ and order fulfillment related workflows.
  • I have a website with current prices, and we don’t provide individual quantity-based discount pricing. Can I still use your service?
    Absolutely! You don’t have to provide individual quantity-based discount pricing. There are several options: If you upload your catalog or set your RFQs to auto-respond, you can just end up receiving orders in the form of POs with no additional work. You will still have access to a host of dentistry practices, which will increase the number of orders you get. base86 may even be able to integrate with your current e-commerce, ERP, or warehouse management system platform in order to fully automate the order process for new customers.

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