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AI-enabled supply chain data management and automation

86 insights enables each player within a supply chain to analyze their spend and savings, shorten sales cycles, and automate workflows on one single platform. Take a step to better organizational productivity, revenue, and morale indicators with AI technologies.

For Practices

Analyze and optimize your spend and savings, keeping operations effective.

For Partners

Run complex savings analysis, build trust, and increase revenue from practice clients.

For Suppliers

Discover new business opportunities, automate quoting, and re-engage dormant accounts.

Fuel your business with the power of data automation 


Level up your account management

Let AI help you uncover hidden revenue opportunities by leveraging automated data analysis. Increase retention rates and uncover and re-engage dormant customer accounts.

Reclaim competitiveness

Don’t miss out on new business opportunities with quote automation. Build better customer relationships and trust with quick responses, increase conversion rates, and shorten sales cycles.


Empower staff with workflow automation

No one likes manual and menial tasks. Save time and operational costs putting AI to work and focus on sales and account management instead.

Engage with data effectively

Explore supplier options linked to product data in real time. Make more informed decisions and get customized deals in the long run.


Supercharge lead generation

Accelerate sales cycles for existing leads; generate and qualify new leads instantly. Integrate real time savings reports into your marketing website, and watch your business grow.

Leverage pricing optimization

It takes personalization to close a deal. Leverage our smart data aggregation and dynamic formulary pricing optimization to provide custom offers to leads based on their spend analysis.


Keep your operations smooth

Our platform seamlessly integrates with existing ERP and Ecommerce platforms, so you won’t have to worry about data transfer or changing your workflows. It’s a one click setup.

Analyze market opportunities

Knowledge is power. We give you a chance to improve your strategic planning with AI-based demand forecasting and be always prepared for the market dynamics.


Explore the 86 insights workflow

Import customer procurement data

The platform supports up to 5 methods of uploading purchase history, including invoice extraction, so you won’t need to spend time on manual data processing.

Match and sort related products

Let AI do the hard work and match related products based on likeness and pricing in a matter of seconds, regardless of the data source(s).

Generate savings reports and winning bids

Get potential customer savings calculated based on a standard catalog or a dynamic formulary, and export to a CSV file with a single click.

Calculate the value you can bring to your organization with 86 Insights

Choose a plan to get started


For smaller organizations

  • A la carte pricing

  • Low monthly minimum commitment

  • 12 month term


  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited spend and savings reports

  • 5 ways to import data

  • CSV report export

  • AI-driven data extraction

  • AI-driven product matching

  • Native integration with 86 Supplies procurement platform

  • Standard support

  • Add-ons available


For mid-size and large organizations 

  • All inclusive pricing

  • Affordable monthly minimum commitment

  • 24 month term

Additional Features

  • Advanced data processing

  • Pre-trained AI dataset

  • Human-in-the-loop (HITL) data validation

  • Embeddable lead generation module

  • Automated quote generation

  • Automated quote email distribution

  • Spend tracking over time

  • Multiple pricing tiers

  • ERP and e-commerce platform integrations

  • Dynamic formulary

  • Demand forecasting

  • Custom branding

  • Premium 24x7 support

See how your business will benefit from base86

Let’s have a chat about how base86 can help you save costs, shorten sales cycles, and automate workflows for your business. Leave your contact information below and we will be in touch soon.

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