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Transform healthcare supply operations to achieve rapid growth

With our AI-powered healthcare supply chain platform, get exposure to our network of practices looking for better alternatives to their current distributors. Prove yourself competitive against the biggest players in the market by presenting your catalog, services, and potential savings in a fast and streamlined way. Don’t spend additional time working on pricing for leads;  instead, quote on autopilot while retaining full control and shortening your sales cycle.


AI-driven solution for competitive healthcare supply

Reduce acquisition time

& costs

Minimize manual tasks and accelerate your pipeline with our smart algorithms that handle RFQs and POs. Saving time means more quotes per day and a lower customer acquisition cost.

Put conversions into

Give potential customers tangible value and close deals in hours, not months by presenting a pricing and formulary package instantaneously based on their previous purchases.

Expand market share via your current customers

Locate products your current and past customers are ordering from competitors and offer them better options to convert with our AI tools and your knowledge.

Leverage AI for healthcare supply management

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86 supplies

Automate your workflows, including inventory management, data sourcing, and RFQ and PO fulfillment.

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86 insights

Optimize prices, build a competitive edge, and get comprehensive spend and savings reports on autopilot.

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86 storefronts

Get a custom-crafted e-commerce store built for you from the ground up by Shopify experts.

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86 catagraph

Leverage catalog and transactional data to monitor market trends, forecast product demand, as well as automate and reconcile data integrity.

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See how suppliers benefit from AI-enabled procurement

As most of us in this traditionally conservative industry, we’ve been sourcing and qualifying leads and managing quotes the old-school way. But then I counted how much time we spend on this and the numbers shocked me. Now, I can’t even imagine actually doing all these manual tasks.

After introducing base86 AI to our processes, I’ve noticed that streamlined quote automation has expedited our workflow, saving us time and costs. The platform's smart market insights have provided us with a deeper understanding of the industry landscape, empowering us to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

See how your business will benefit from base86

Let’s have a chat about how base86 can help you save costs, shorten sales cycles, and automate workflows for your business. Leave your contact information below and we will be in touch soon.

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