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Prospecting Widget, HITL, Substitution Types and a New Filter

Updated: Feb 26

Release 11/05/2023



Prospecting Widget for Customers Data Collection

The widget is designed to empower Suppliers and Group Partners by providing their website visitors with insights into potential annual savings. By uploading various types of documents into the embedded widget, customers can unlock valuable insights into their potential cost reductions in real time.



HITL Examination for Invoices

Human-in-the-Loop validation for Invoices is a groundbreaking addition that combines the precision of automated invoice processing with the oversight and verification of human expertise. With HITL, we aim to eliminate errors and inconsistencies in invoice processing. By involving human experts in the process, we can address complex data with a level of precision that automation alone may not be able to achieve.


Substitution Type

Ability to See Substitution Type Directly on the Products List

With this improvement, users can now easily view the substitution types associated with the best supplier option right from the expanded view in the main Products section, without the need to navigate to the Product Details view.


"Controlled Accounts" Filter

Controlled Accounts Filter

With the "Controlled Accounts" filter, Suppliers and Group Partners can now effortlessly filter customers based on whether they were created as a hosted account under the organization or not.


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