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Modified Annual Quantity, Annual GP, and Report Expansion with UoM and Package Quantity

Release 7/1/24


modified annual quantity

Modified Annual Quantity

Introducing a dynamic system to adjust the annual quantity of customer products when matched with supplier products of different package quantities. This ensures accurate comparisons and calculations of annual savings, enhancing the reliability of your data and insights.


GP Column

Annual Gross Profit Column

A new Annual GP column has been added to the expanded view in the customer product section. This column calculates the annual gross profit (GP) for each customer product, providing suppliers with direct access to this critical information. This enhancement ensures better financial insights and decision-making.


Exported reports

Exported Reports with UoM and Pkg Qty

Enhancing the exported report to include UoM and Package Quantity columns. Previously visible in the UI's expanded view for customer products, these columns are now extended to the exported report, providing comprehensive data on UoM and Pkg Qty for both customer products and best supplier options.


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