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Improving Oral Health for the Vulnerable: A Look into Dental Lifeline Network

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

At base86, we strive for dental supply chain efficiency, but we also recognize that the most important part of healthcare is taking care of those who need it. That's why in today's blog we want to shed light on Dental Lifeline Network.

Dental Lifeline Network

Dental Lifeline Network is a national charity that provides dental care to people who are disabled, elderly, or medically fragile. This organization helps those who are unable to afford necessary dental care and have no other options for treatment.

They partner with dentists, dental labs, and dental schools across the country to provide comprehensive dental care to those in need, and offer a wide range of services, including cleanings, fillings, extractions, and even full-mouth rehabilitation. The organization also provides dentures and other prosthetic devices to those who need them.

One of the unique aspects of Dental Lifeline Network is its Dental House Calls program, which sends dentists and dental hygienists to provide care in patient's homes or care facilities. This program serves those unable to leave their homes due to physical or cognitive limitations.

In addition to providing direct dental care, Dental Lifeline Network also offers educational resources and support for caregivers and family members. They provide information on oral health care and resources for assistance with transportation and other needs. Dental Lifeline Network is a critical component of the healthcare industry, providing essential dental care to those who need it most. If you are interested in supporting this organization, you can make a donation at

Your generosity can help provide access to dental care for those who are unable to afford it. Additionally, you can also volunteer your time and skills or spread the word about their services to those who may benefit from them.

Every bit of support helps make a positive impact in the lives of vulnerable individuals and improves their oral health and overall well-being.


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