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Formulary Tabs, Price Visibility, and Savings Report Enhancements

Updated: Apr 10

Release 11/17/2023

Formulary Tab in Product Detail

Formulary Tab in Product Details View for Suppliers

With the addition of the "Formulary" tab in the product detail view, suppliers can now see a list of organizations and effortlessly edit their custom pricing.

Formulary Tab in Customer Detail

Formulary Tab in Customer Details View for Suppliers

The customer details view now includes a "Formulary" tab, which enables suppliers to manage custom pricing across all products of a specific customer.


Toggle Switch in Settings

Control of Suppliers' Default Catalog Price Visibility

Group Partner organizations can now easily choose whether to display suppliers' standard catalog prices or only negotiated ones by toggling a new switcher in settings. This setting applies across all partnered suppliers and affects hosted customers.

Substitution Type in Savings Report

Inclusion of Substitution Type in Annual Savings Report Export

A new column labeled "Substitution Type" has been incorporated into the exported Annual Savings Report. This column will display the corresponding substitution type of the best supplier option. This addition enhances the accuracy and completeness of the report, empowering users to make more informed procurement decisions and optimize savings effectively.


Smart Match Column in Savings Report

Product Linking Status in Annual Savings Report Export

We've integrated a new column titled "Smart Match" into the exported Annual Savings Report. This enhancement enables users to effortlessly discern between products linked through automated processes and those linked by user training and inputs. It empowers better decision-making, allowing for a clearer understanding of product matchings and their origins within the report.


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