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Acquisition Cost, Bulk Accounts Creation, Procurement List Enhancements, and Spend & Number of Location Attributes

Release 05/04/2024

Acquisition cost

Acquisition Cost Attribute and Margin

Introducing an Acquisition Cost attribute in various areas across the platform. Now, suppliers can seamlessly add and update their product costs, gaining valuable insights into their margin and overall profitability.

Multiple customer accounts creation

Bulk Creation of Customer Organizations

Host organizations can now effortlessly create multiple customer organizations by uploading a CSV file. This efficient process saves valuable time and minimizes manual data entry efforts.

Enhanced CPL Import

Enhanced CPL Import

Announcing enhanced customer products import functionality. Now, users can import lists using manufacturer name & SKU/MPN, providing greater flexibility. This update streamlines the process and improves usability, especially when dealer information is missing.

Number of locations

Customer Number of Locations Attribute

With the new Number of Locations attribute, host organizations can specify the number of locations for each customer, enhancing organizational clarity and management efficiency.

Annual Spend

Customer Annual Spend Attribute

With the new Annual Spend attribute, host organizations can choose between manual or automatic spend tracking via a simple toggle in the Customer detail view, streamlining their customers' annual spend tracking preferences.


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