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Pricing Tiers, Ability to Link New Supplier Options, and Matching and Sorting Improvements

Updated: 5 days ago

Release 02/23/2024


Pricing Tiers

Multiple Discrete Product Catalog Pricing Tiers

Suppliers can now manage multiple discrete pricing tiers with ease. Upload different catalog versions, assign pricing tiers to customers or products, and customize pricing based on individual needs. Users can tailor pricing strategies effortlessly with this new feature!


Ability to Search and Link New Supplier Options

Ability to Search and Link New Supplier Options

We added the ability to search and link new catalog products directly from the supplier options tab in the product detail view. No more limitations - now users can expand options seamlessly, training and streamlining the data in the process.


Matching and Sorting Improvements

Matching and Sorting Improvements

We updated our smart matching and sorting models, and expanded the total number of matches. This allows for a more robust and accurate product matching experience.


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