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Auto Pricing Tier Assignment, a New Customer Attribute and Enhanced Customer Search

Release 6/14/24


Dynamic formulary

Auto Pricing Tier Assignment

Introducing the "Dynamic Formulary" tab in Suppliers Settings, a robust tool that enables suppliers to streamline pricing strategies with automated tier assignment. This feature empowers suppliers to set rules based on customer attributes like Specialty, Type, Locations, Annual Spend, and Rank.


Customer Rank

Customer Rank Attribute

With the new "Rank" attribute, host organizations can categorize their customers based on their rank. This attribute is intended to be generic and used for precise segmentation based on factors such as loyalty, purchase volume, engagement frequency, or any other relevant metrics.


Search by doctor info

Search by Doctor Info in the Customers Section

A new enhancement in the Customers section unlocks the ability for host organizations to effortlessly find customer organizations by searching not only their organization names but also by the names of associated doctors, including both first and last names.


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