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86 insights is a fully automated supplies spend and savings analysis reporting tool designed for GPOs, DSOs, DMOs, and consultancies.  If you are an organization that works with multiple dental practices, your practice analysis, sales cycles, onboarding processes, and retention rates will benefit greatly by seamlessly saving manual analysis and reporting time, as well as building trust with customers.

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Upload your Existing Product List in a Snap

There are 5 different ways to upload the existing practice product list, no matter who the current suppliers are.

Send your Invoices for AI and HITL Data Extraction

Upload or send 3+ months of invoices from all the current suppliers, and we will automatically extract the line item data, supplier information, and other key insights using the latest blend of AI and Human-assisted technologies.  We will automatically project your annual quantities, too!

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Easily Compare Prices between Multiple Suppliers

Product data will be automatically linked to alternative suppliers to determine other options and pricing.  Easily change the preferred supplier at the SKU level, and see the data rolled up in real time.  There is capability to ban a supplier break the product link as well.

Benefit from Shared Learning

When multiple sources of data get updated in the system, it learns and gets better over time.  Benefit from your direct input as well as the input of others, making the platform more accurate.

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Comprehensive Reporting

Ultimately, what matters is the bottom line.  Get the final spend and annual savings numbers, and export a CSV to edit and present to the decision makers at each practice.

For Practice Staff

For Partner Organizations

If your practice can benefit from a significantly lower supplies cost, or wants to lower the risk of purchasing from mega suppliers to prevent a single point of failure, or is simply tired of the old sales rep model and tiresome comparison shopping, please reach out to us for a demo.

If you are a Group Purchasing Organization, a Dental Support or Partnership Organization, a Dental Management Organization, a consultancy, or any other company that works with multiple practices and can benefit from shorter sales cycles, reach out below.

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